ABC TV-3 Studio: World News Tonight Curved Backdrop


In 2018 VER updated the ABC TV-3 studio backdrop for 'World News Tonight' from tiled plasma to a 5K wide aspect LED display driven by two VER M8 processors. For this job, I was responsible for adding custom white point and color gamut functionality to the M8 processor to match the extremely warm 2700°K studio lighting, as well as solving any other image quality issues that came up with such a non-standard environment.

When changing from a display with internal bezels that aren’t raster compensated (e.g., tiled plasma) to a seamless display, existing content will not land in the same physical location due to the removal of the un-compensated bezels - even if scaling is applied to consider different pixel pitches. If your critical reference point is not at the upper left of the display (e.g., it is just over the left shoulder of the news anchor), be prepared to re-author content slightly to make up for this.